AB-1266 Phi high-end planar magnetic headphone

The Abyss AB-1266 Phi is the apex of the headphone world. Many years of development and research went into the making of what is considered the finest sounding headphone money can buy. Patent-pending ultra thin speakers deliver a most natural sound...more...

Diana® by Abyss Headphones

Meet the sexiest and thinnest boutique high-performance headphone in the world. Coming October 2017

Superconductor HP upgrade cable set for Abyss AB-1266

Superconductor HP Headphone Cables were designed by JPS Labs as an upgrade to the already very good stock cable included with their AB-1266 planar magnetic headphone. The perfect compliment for an amazing headphone sound. Rhodium copper alloy connectors, chrome plate metal XLR's, stainless steel, large Alumiloy® conductors, and a whole lot more add up to the finest custom hand-made headphone cable money can buy.

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