Ultraconductor 2 rca

UltraConductor 2 brings a closer glimpse into the source by giving their owners exciting bass definition, clarity of voice and life, and effortless high frequency extension, some of the exceptional qualities JPS cables are so well known for, and then some- sound conveyed in a very well balanced, exciting manner without noise, fatigue, or remorse, just beautiful music.

These lower cost JPS cables are best suited for those who are looking for a way to improve an already good system, who are ready to hear all that they have assembled to date, or those who wish to stay off of the merry-go-round many cables in the lower price ranges can place you on. JPS cables are an excellent tool to fine tune, then enjoy, any system. By minimizing the addition of their own sonic character, what's left is simply what remains to be adjusted. Once system faults become obvious and ironed out through time, further resolution toward hearing the intentions of the original artists can be gained with exciting results. You never would know how good your gear really is without taking this path.


superconductor v usb

Being proven specialists in high frequency containment and shield technology gives JPS an definite advantage when it comes to frequencies well beyond audibility. Our Superconductor series have been known for over 20 years as being the quietist cables out there. The latest designs are now the most refined cables available, offering a very smooth flow of audio information while keeping the signal clean of edginess caused by digital noise artifacts most cables allow to mix with the signal.

Hear high resolution digital as if you were the mastering engineer sitting in the studio during a live take. Hear music the way nature had intended, in an analog fashion. Listen to everything digital through JPS Labs!

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