KR Audio is the world leader in the production of high performance audio power tubes and high-end audio equipment. All products are hand-crafted, using high vacuum machines for extended tube life. Artisans work with metal, glass blowing and tube designs optimized for high-end, high resolution audio.

Some of the many features incorporated into every KR Audio tube:

  • Patented multi-ribbon filament / cathode provide four emissive surfaces per filament, equating to 32 electrical cathodes (eight filaments x four surfaces = 32). This unique design provides far greater bass impact and fast dynamics.
  • Extreme dark plates insures high gain and maximum signal transfer.
  • All glass is hand blown and formed at the KR Audio factory from ultra durable SIMAX®, a world renowned borosilicate hard glass, creating a durable anti-resonant protective shell.
  • The polished metal bases of the 845 tubes provide excellent heat dissipation. Anti-resonant compounds are added to dissipate vibrations, reducing microphonics.
  • The white Ceramic bases of the power tubes handle extreme temperatures with ease, and anti-resonant compounds are added to dissipate vibrations, reducing microphonics and increasing clarity.
  • Gold plated pins provide an optimal surface and interface to any quality tube socket.
  • Each power tube is internally serialized, and 24kt gold leaf identifies each tube as a genuine KR Audio product.
  • Each power tube, from start to finish, requires an average of 12.8 hours of labor to construct.
  • The craftsmen at KR Audio have been building tubes for over 30 years.

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KR Audio 845 HP

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